The Imp is a 510 atty style dry herb vaporizer. It screws into mods that have the 510 system. The heater is two clapton coils (26 gauge core wrapped with 30 gauge SS). The heater chamber is maple with an exterior of exotic wood. The Imp is a convection vaporizer that yields great flavor. The coil deck is unique in that it is maple with electrodes built in thus no plastics in the air path.
The air path of the Imp only touches maple, stainless steel, silver plated brass or glass. There are no plastics in the air path.
Info on Imp will be coming soon. in variable wattage mode run it at 14 to 23 watts. Start low and find your niche.
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Here is what people are saying

this device is amazing. pure convection, pure taste, stronger, efficient
Love my little Imp. The 14mm stem is a nice dose size and the heating coils do an excellent job and respond nicely to the mod
so far I'm impressed! The hits are so smooth, I hardly cough at all even at higher temps
Loving mine so far
I'm very pleased with the ease of use and performance with the imp

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