Disassembly of the Touch will void all warranties so don't take it apart, please! If you have any problems contact us asap and we will deal with it and help you have a great experience with the Touch.

The battery must be installed with the positive pole up and touching the battery door electrode. Reverse installation will result in the unit being on continually with no response from the button. Slide the door open to access the battery compartment. When closing the door it may ride up as it passes over the connector. This is normal just push it down after it is in the closed position.

Touch battery doors, on/off Battery Door in "On" and "Off" positions.

To protect against accidental activation flip the battery door 180 degrees. In the picture the door with the grip notches towards the outside of the unit in Power On, by sliding the door out and rotating it so the grip notches are in is the Power Off condition. Some earlier models had a micro switch located in the bottom cover. The switch prevents the unit from being activated. When you want the unit off use the switch, on to the left, off to the right. There are markings showing on/off.

The Touch is a beautiful hand crafted wooden quilted maple unit with an all glass vapor path. The Touch was designed for the purist experience for any user in mind using 100% convection. The Touchs heating element utilizes a stacked "double pancake" coil to ensure complete extraction of your material. The coil can be seen through the glass "port hole" on both sides. The Touch is an un regulated device so YOU are in control of your draw throughout YOUR session. YOU control how large or small of a draw YOU take!

The Touch takes an 18650, flat top, high discharge battery. The following batteries have been tested with the Touch. Make sure you get yours from a reputable source such as IMRbatteries. LG HE4 2600mah - yellow ones LG HG2 3000mah - brown ones LG HE2 samsung-25r-2500mah SONY VTC-5 Sony VTC-4

With the battery in place slide the door into position. The grooves in the top of the door go to the outside. When the door is slide shut it may lift up as it passes over the contact pin. If this happens just push the door down, totally normal. Once the battery is installed (positive pole up) we recommend that you hold the sensor button down and watch the coil. It will glow within about 10 seconds with a freshly charged battery. This will give you a feel for how much pressure you need to activate the unit. It is a gentle press.

For the best results try this

Start slow on the button and increase if necessary for best results and an even roast. When first using the Touch, start with a medium draw. As you start to draw "touch" the button on the side for 6 seconds, let of the button while you continue to draw for an additional 4-6 seconds. The first draw will "strip the terps" and give you unrivaled flavor, but little vapor. Continue using this method and you will see the vapor increase. During back to back draws you may cut down to 5 or even 4 seconds on the button as the chamber is now warm. You should average 6-10 draws per stem depending on draw speed and button time. Results will vary, everyone has a different technique. You will easily find the style that works best for you.

The draw controls the temperature to some extent. Use a medium to low draw for starters, the heavier the draw the lower the temp and the milder the draw the higher the temp. The Touch has a lot of power and you can overdo the temp easily. Go slow and be patient. Try 4 seconds and slowly increase the time. Everyone has a different preference.

Two Screen Method

There are low profile cup screens that can be used in pairs. You insert one screen in the stem and then load the stem with herb. Once loaded you insert a second cup screen on top of the herb. Using this technique you can maximize extraction by stirring the loaded herb every so often. To stir remove the top screen with a pin or paper clip, stir the load or even remove the load and then reload. Replace the top screen and you are ready. This method using a bit more battery life but is especially convenient if you pre load stems and take them when you travel. You can pre load several stems and carry them along with you.


Never ever take the Touch apart. If you are having a problem let us know and we will help you with it. The Touch is complicated in that it must be taken apart in sequence or you risk doing serious damage. Two units have been trashed by end users trying to “fix” it. We covered both but moving forward, you take it apart, you break it, you have to buy a new one. Anything that fails in normal use we will fix so please contact us first.
The screen situated above the heater can be dislodged so be careful. We recommend a small brush to remove any debris, please no downward pressure on the screen. Two ounces of force is enough to move the screen. Gentle brushing will not move it.
The cup screen in the stem can be cleared with a paper clip or any similar item. After much use the screen will need to be removed and cleaned. A round pen or pencil should fit the stem and can be used to push it out (insert the pen or pencil in the end you inhale from). The screen can be flame cleaned or soaked in alcohol.
The easiest way to load the stem is to use it like a straw and suck up whatever you are loading. Then you can gently tamp the load. Turn the stem over and make sure the material stays in place, if it does you are ready to go.
The Touch is treated with mineral oil, this avoids toxic wood finishers. You can apply a little oil from time to time but be careful not to get oil into the heater chamber. If you get a lot of oil in the heater chamber it will be a real problem. Invert the Touch and let it sit overnight. Then fire up the heater and carefulyl burn off the oil. Since the oil may ignite have a damp cloth ready.
Visit our website to view stems, screens and cases. Other accessories will be added as they are developed.