Introducing the Essence our first butane vaporizer.

Essence Essence

The Essence is approximately 6" long and 7/8" in diameter.
Essence Essence

Construction of the Essence is done using the finest exotic hard woods. The signature design is a Bocote body with Coco Bolo caps. The air path is glass, maple and stainless steel. The air inlet tube has a glass frit to enhance flavor and help prevent combustion.
With the caps off you can see the mouthpiece at the top and the air inlet at the bottom.
Essence Essence

Here is a view with the WonG in place.
Essence Essence

The Essence comes as a complete kit which include the basic Essence butane vaporizer (glass stem and cup screen as well as the air inlet tube), a WonG made of hard maple, 3 extra screens and our own stir tool and collar, $79 includes U.S. shipping.
Essence kit Essence kit

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See videos of the Essence in action
Use video
Using the WonG with a bubbler bubbler video
See the stir tool used here Stir tool video

Some tips on use of the Essence
There is a thin wood stick included, this is to push the screen out of the WonG.
The stir tool can be used to push the screen out of the glass stem.
The collar is used to prevent spilled material when stirring the contents of the stem. It works with both the WonG and glass stem. Simply insert the stem into the collar so the funnel shape is up. Stir the contents with the scoop end of the stir tool then tamp the material lightly with the flat wood end of the stir tool, that's it.
The air inlet tube has a hole at the base and a concave section to help visualize where to heat it. The air inlet tube is held in place by two O rings.
Fill the stem to the top with loosely packed material. Then gently tamp the material so it appears about half full, this is optimal for starters.
Hold the flame just in front of the air inlet and control the heat by waving the flame, as you feel the heat adjust the flame by changing the amount of time it is directly in front of the air inlet opening. As you become more experienced you can direct the flame directly into the air inlet.
Use a small flame 3/8 to 1/2" (9 to 12 mm) from a single burner cigar lighter torch. With experience you can use larger flames if you desire but the one described works very nicely.
There is a stainless steel screw about 3/4" from the air inlet end of the body of the Essence. This holds the maple insert in place. Be aware of it as it will get hot over time. Don't burn yourself.
The air inlet also gets extremely hot, be careful. The easiest way to deal with it is to use the base cover as a stand and set the Essence into the base cap. No need to seal the base cap just balance the Essence in place. Flame placement for the Essence and Bare Essence is similar Essence kit

Here are some comments from end users:
"This thing is beautiful! I am enjoying it, and used it all night last night."
"It is a Prince among Butane/torch controlled vaporizers. Economical, beautiful, and functional!"
excellent vape for micro dosing!
caviar and moonrocks are awesome in this vape. u can start out at low temps and take all the way up to get every bit of that ooey goey goodness!!
"I found the vapor taste to be excellent.... I found waving a softer flame to be delicious and vaporous"
"...also have and love the essence....gorgeous design and functionality"
"I think they are some of the most beautiful vapes."