Using Tubo Firmware

LOADING THE FIRMWARE 1. Download the firmware updater which you can get here tubo firmware or search for tubo firmware updater 2. Connect the mod to a computer with a USB cable, must be a data cable. Run the updater such as "UpdateFirmware-vtwomini-windows.exe". You will be asked to pick a bin file such as "180408-tubomyevic-warmup2cruise-autotempstep-beta.bin". The tubo site will have the updater and appropriate bin files. If you have issues seeing the mod when the running the firmware package double check the cable.


These instructions are for the evic vtwo mini but the setting should be similar with other mods.

1. Click Fire and + to get to the menu

2. Navigate to Interface>clicks and set 2 clicks cruise, 3 clicks tstep and 4 clicks edit. You can use other settings as you learn the system but for now start with these.

menu>interface>temp to set display to F or C

3. Go to the menu and follow the steps below. Do each step in sequence, a fresh build may not work correctly if you don't proceed in sequence.

  • a. menu>coil>manage set Ni Ti SS each to 0.
  • b. menu>coil>tubo and set M1, M2 and M3 to 185
  • c. Exit the menus then click 4 times, the first line blinks adjust until it says "tubo". Then click 4 times again and tubo will blink, click "-" 2 times then adjust wattage to 50, click fire to exit
  • d. menu>vaping>LoTemp set to about 340 to 380 F
  • e. menu>vaping>HiTemp set to about 410 F
  • f. menu>coil>manage then down to tubo, highlight the resistance and hold fire until it reads the resistance. Reduce the value by 0.01 and make sure it has the lock icon. Set check to No. This step doesn't work unless tubo is enabled as in "c" above.

4. .

If it runs hot then reduce the resistance setting in Menu>coil>manage, when it is too cool increase the resistance by .002 if to hot decrease the resistance by .002.