The Beast

The Beast is a 510 based heater for the dynavap system. You need a dynavap set up and a mod to use the Beast

walnut Beast
Walnut beast

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Left to right, Padauk, African Mahogany, Wenge

Welcome to the Beast a conduction heater for the dynavap system The Beast will fit any 510 mod and is best used in variable wattage (vw) mode. CAUTIONS: NEVER EVER USE THE BEAST WITH UNREGULATED DEVICES, IT WOULD BE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS Never exceed 46 watts Never inhale from the dynavap unit while it is in the Beast
Basically using the Beast is very easy. Screw the Beast onto your mod and set the watts to 46. Slide the dynavap into the opening and fire for 15 to 20 seconds. If you have firmware loaded which allows autofire or cruise I suggest setting that for 13 seconds. One cycle will get a nice flavor hit, the second cycle will have great clouds. Manually from cold 15 to 20 seconds will get a good hit. You should hear the click but until you are familiar with the Beast never exceed 20 seconds, you could combust. This is a beta so testing is still ongoing. You need to be careful that you have authentic batteries rated for at least 20 A. If you get a weak battery warning stop and get a fresh battery. Weak battery warnings mean that the battery is having trouble putting out the required power so the battery is old, has a low Amp rating or has some other issue. A battery may work until it is at 40% charge and then you get the message. This is ok just don't use it when it gets to that level.
What's the rattle? There is a ceramic disc that the cap sits on and it can move so you may hear a rattle. It is normal.
Using the Beast at wattage levels above 46 watts is discouraged and voids warranties. It is possible to damage the unit. We are currently experimenting with high output batteries and multi cell mods and will publish our findings. It may be possible to shorten heat up times but for now 13 seconds works great and won't break anything.
Here is some battery info 20 A cells, like the LG HB6 and there's a recent Samsung too that would fit the bill. But the drawback is that they have a smaller capacity. Much smaller for the LG one in fact. 46W might compute okay when the cell is full, but the DC/DC converter needs to draw more and more current as the cell voltage drops to keep outputting the same power. If you see the "weak cell' warning on screen, it means your cell is sagging too much and you should either lower the wattage or use a better cell. Rewrapping of cells that label them higher output is too common. Never buy bargain batteries. Lithium ion batteries are an amazing technology but they can be extremely dangerous, err on the side of caution.

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