There are a lot of vaporizers out there, why should you consider MistVape?
  • All MistVape products are made in the USA, no cheap imports here!
  • The air path on all our vapes is strictly controlled and the heated air only touches stainless steel, gold plated copper, glass or maple. No plastics or glue.
  • Our products are designed and tested by vape enthusiasts, no suits or bean counters dictating how we do business.
  • Our guarantee is simple, if it needs to be fixed, we'll fix it. If something failed we cover it, if you broke it there will be a small fee.
Here's what we have.
    The Imp is a 510 atty style dry herb vaporizer.
  • It screws into mods that have the 510 system.
  • The heater is two clapton coils (26 gauge core wrapped with 30 gauge SS). The heater chamber is maple with an exterior of exotic wood.
  • The Imp is a convection vaporizer that yields great flavor.
  • The coil deck is unique in that it is maple with electrodes built in thus no plastics in the air path.
  • Pure convection vaporization with great flavor

    The Bare Essence is a butane powered vape
  • The Bare Essence works great with dry herb or concentrates on hemp fiber.
  • Pure convection
  • Constructed of maple with a quartz air inlet.