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Imp O ring system

Bocote body with custom wood deck and 510 compatible hardware. Pure convection powered by dual clapton coils. Runs on most any mod box, can be used in wattage or TC mod. Comes with a standard stem, shorty stem (each with a screen) and three extra screens. $108

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The O ring stem system that is being used on the Imp is different than the previous 14//20 ground glass stem. If you are getting an Imp and want extra stems make sure you get O ring compatible stems. If you are not sure just ask. Thanks and sorry for any confusion, it's growing pains.

The Touch a great On Demand electric vape. Perfect for micro dosing, can take 30 to 110 mg of herb. Powered by an 18650 battery with an air path of glass, stainless steel and a bit of maple. $169 includes domestic shipping, stir tool and collar, WonG and glass stem with 3 extra screens. Touch info

The Bare Essence our latest offering, just the essentials for great butane powered vaping. The low price of $30 includes domestic shipping. Bare Essence info
Bare Essence only $30
bare essence

Accessories - check the store for extra stems, WonGs, stir tools and collars, screens, hemp fiber and replacement air inlet tubes for the Essence and Bare Essence. Stems are available in 5 colors, green, blue, amber, amethyst purple and jade white. If the stem you want isn't shown in the color you want ask for it. We can have any style we offer made up in any of the colors. Other colors may be possible, if you have to have it ask.